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  • Balsamic Herb Chicken Skewers

    Balsamic Herb Chicken Skewers

    I’ve always loved the simple yet elegant flavors of Italy. One of my favorite recipes to make on my Bull Grill is inspired by those flavors by combining Balsamic vinegar,...

  • Turkey Grilling

    Turkey Grilling

    HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO SUCCESSFULLY GRILLING A WHOLE TURKEY: Truss your turkey!  No need for complicated French trussing.  Just tuck the wings under the bird, use a couple...

  • Mustard Maple Glazed Ribs

    Mustard Maple Glazed Ribs

    I am a huge fan of BBQ in all of its glorious forms. The problem I’ve encountered is that most BBQ is stuffed with carbs and hidden sugar. That’s why...