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Brahma 97cm Grill Jacket

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The Grill Jacket is for use when building your grill into a combustible enclosure and has a stainless steel exterior. Designed for all 97cm Brahma Bull Grill.

Stainless Steel 97cm Brahma Grill Jacket

Insulated grill jackets surround the BBQ and prevent heat from transferring into the cabinet structure. These devices will help prevent any melting, burning, warping or fires.  As an added bonus, these appliances can also help the grill’s undercarriage.

Please note, this is a Pre Order purchase with Expected Delivery Mid October 2021.
Order now to lock in your new Bull BBQ for Summer with the Official Distributers of Bull BBQ in New Zealand!

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Standard Features

  • Use when building your grill into a combustible enclosure
  • Stainless Steel exterior
  • Designed for all 38” Bull Grill Models


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Brahma 97cm Grill Jacket
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